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27 May 2022

Coming Soon…

So I’ve fallen back in to my bad old ways and got way behind in writing up my travels, partly it’s because if I have any free time then I like to get out and about, this means I have things to write about but less time to do it. The other big problem for the last few months is that we have been preparing […]

8 February 2022

Kyiv Bars

When researching the bars to visit in Kyiv I decided to stick with those that had ‘Verified Venue’ status within the Untappd app. The thinking behind this was that I would be able to see in advance what beers were available and, more importantly, be able to point at the beer I wanted on my phone screen should the language barrier prove to great. In […]

31 January 2022

Where’s The Chicken? II

So I didn’t get much sleep, my leg really hurt and I wasn’t able to get comfortable at all. I guess there is a lesson to be learned here, but I doubt I’ll learn it. Anyway, the first task for today was to locate a craft supplies shop in order to procure a gift for Mrs MusingAnorak so I spent a bit of time on […]

25 January 2022

Where’s The Chicken?

So a lifetime ago (last September) I started looking at a possible city break destination. Initial thoughts centred around Poland but then I read somewhere that UK nationals didn’t require a visa to visit Ukraine until the end of January 2022 and that immediately made Kyiv the destination of choice. Flights and hotel were booked. But. It was still a wait of four months. And […]

6 December 2021

Beer Tour And The Snowman

First things first, give yourself a pat on the back if you got the musical reference in the title – you’re my kind of person! As will be explained elsewhere my chosen destination last Saturday was Bromley and it was while checking out the logistics for the trip I discovered that there was a Wild In Art sculpture trail around the town, Walking With The […]

11 November 2021

Some Minor Housekeeping

I have amended my London Beer Guide posts such that if you now click on any photograph you will be taken to the relevant entry on the Beer Guide London website. Secondly, I have made the decision, mostly because I am a fool, that as well as visiting/revisiting all Guide entries I will also attempt to sample beers from as many of the c140 London […]

21 October 2021

Right. Where Was I…?

This was always scheduled to be the next beer that I drank at home. I wasn’t quite anticipating the gap between this and the previous one! It’s a good beer, not amazing, but a good solid part of the Westmalle range, with the added bonus that the lower ABV means it is a great way of easing myself back in! Another bonus came in the […]

21 October 2021


So I’ve done what they ask. I have gone six months without any alcohol. At all. Physically I feel no different but mentally is a different story, as I talked about last month. I don’t crave alcohol, I’ve always been able to take it or leave it. What I crave is the ability to choose whether to take it or leave it. Following sight of […]

6 September 2021

Not In A Good Place Right Now…

So today was my latest outpatients appointment to discuss the findings of my liver biopsy. And the upshot is that they still have no idea what is going on. Apparently the biopsy didn’t show what they expected based on the other tests. So it is going to be discussed in a Regional MDT meeting, and I have to wait. Wait for another two to three […]

19 June 2021

We need to talk about the Elephant, and Bear, in the room.

Anybody that has met me whilst I am out and about will know that I am usually accompanied by my two travelling companions. Humphrey, the elephant, and Hugo, the bear. Yes, I know I am 53! It is thanks to them that I discovered the world of small cuddly creatures on Twitter, leading on to the fact that an awful lot of them love beer […]