Category: London Beer Guide

11 May 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 13 – Twickenham

So after the trip to Prague, I’ll tell you about it soon, I promise, I decided to stick to a quick local visit. I took the 490 bus from the Cargo Centre at Heathrow and jumped off in Twickenham. From the centre it is a 10 minute stroll in the direction of Strawberry Hill to the recently opened riverside brewery and taproom of Jawbone Brewing. […]

22 April 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 12 – West London

After my birthday excursion I decided to have a quieter day and visit some of my more local Guide entries. The previous day must have been good because I started this outing by making the amateur mistake of not double checking opening times. Thus I found myself at 13:00 outside a bar that didn’t open until 16:00. Oops. I suppose I could have just waited […]

7 April 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 11 – Weekday Openers

One of the more annoying aspects of visiting the Guide entries is the fact that a number of them only open during the week, understandably as the areas they tend to be in have very little, or no, residential presence. For those of us who also work Monday to Friday it makes visiting a bit trickier. However, this year, my birthday fell on a Friday […]

20 February 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 8 – Richmond

Despite choosing to avoid going out in order to ensure my Ukraine trip went ahead I couldn’t avoid having to to and get some last minute bits and pieces, so I figured it would be rude not to pop in to a couple of local bars too. I began in Richmond, starting at Richmond Tap Tavern. Despite it’s central location in the town it is […]

11 December 2021

Beer Guide London Visits 7 – Bromley & Bexleyheath

It turns out that while I was hunting down Snowmen in Bromley Jezza was updating the Guide entries for Bromley. Talk about good timing. It meant that, this week, I had confirmation from my first target that they would indeed be open at 12:00. And they were. Bromley had been chosen as I had seen reports the week before of a beer from Marlix Brewery […]

2 December 2021

Beer Guide London Visits 6 – Brixton

These trips don’t always go to plan. The planned destination was Brixton, an area I love visiting. Lots of great places to visit in a relatively compact area. Checking before hand showed that two places opened at 11:00 meaning that it was possible to make an early start. Except that both of the 11:00 openers now open at 12:00. That’s why we do these trips, […]

26 November 2021

Beer Guide London Visits 5 – West London

So after a remarkably restrained day on Saturday, and with a day off work on Monday, what better way to spend Sunday than to some of the more local revisits. My first destination was BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush, my favourite BD in London and conveniently reachable by bus from home. One of the reasons for heading here, asides from the need to revisit, was to collect […]