Beer. Bier. Birra. Cerveza. Pivo. Øl.

Whatever you call it, I’m interested in trying it. I am a ‘scooper’ which means I like to try new beers, I like to add them to my list. It’s a, mostly, male thing.

Whether it’s in a familiar pub or a previously unvisited brewpub in a random foreign city my instinct will always be to try the beers I haven’t had before. They may prove to be not very good or they may prove to be excellent, but unless you try you’ll never know.

In this section I will endeavour to share my love of beer with you. Ranging from some of my favourite bars, where I can happily while away an evening, through to full blown pub crawls that will take you from, in my opinion, great bar to great bar.

Keep checking back to see what new gems I have shared, and feel free to send me your recommendations.