Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London

The Summer of 2023 saw a series of giant Morphs appear around London, and for people of a certain generation that brought back a lot of memories! Indeed, it was clear while doing the trail that the parents, and grandparents, taking their children around were enjoying the nostalgia as much, if not more.

As with all of these trails it is a challenge for me to get photos with as few people in as possible, and certainly no children. It was especially difficult with this one given that a lot of sculptures were sited around some of London’s most iconic landmarks, but with a lot of patience I was generally successful, although one photo had to be cropped to remove an errant child that had crept in!

As you are probably aware by now I am a bit (lot) of a completist so it was very disappointing to find 3 sculptures removed for repair, especially as I had only got around to doing it in the last few days leaving no time for a revisit. But, those 3 notwithstanding, it was a rewarding, if very hot, day.