Emmen Elephant Parade

Having discovered the Elephants around London I did a bit of searching around for more information and discovered that there had been three previous Parades around Europe and that another two were scheduled to take place in 2010. One was towards the end of the year in Copenhagen and the other overlapped with London in Emmen. Emmen wasn’t a Dutch town I was familiar with but hey, it’s no that far away…

So plans were made for that Summer’s holiday to be one of our European road trips taking in sights and beers in multiple countries and including a day in Emmen to look for the Elephants. The Parade was being held as part of the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of Emmen Zoo, with a large number of the statues sited in the zoo itself.

The zoo proved to be very close to the centre of town so it was an easy task to visit the zoo and also take a look for the ones around town. There were a total of 75 large Elephants on the trail, but I ended up missing three of them, but still not a bad effort for my first foreign Trail.