Public Art

Contrary to popular belief I am not a complete heathen. I do appreciate art, not all of it, but then I think is the same for everybody. Art is subjective. However, when you turn art in to a collectable list then I am interested!

Obviously this doesn’t work for all art, I am never going to be able to see every Picasso for example as there are so many hidden in private collections. Public art, on the other hand, is just that, art that is publicly accessible. When it can be confined with my other interests then I am really going to be interested.

At the moment some of these lists, such as the London Underground Labyrinth tiles, are in their formative stages, as I travel to visit a new bar I will pick up what I can on my journey. But, as with all of these things I will reach a tipping point and my completest side will kick in and I will devote time to completing the “list” – it’s just a matter of time.