27 June 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 22/06/2024

By admin

Sambrook’s Brewery Tap (1 / 178)

Located in the Ram Quarter redevelopment of the old Young’s Brewery site is the smart taproom of Sambrook’s. Up to 4 cask ales and 14 taps serve predominantly their own range, although guests do appear. Plenty of seating, even though a large chunk of the indoor space is taken by the pizza kitchen, and this is augmented by the same amount again of covered seating in the courtyard. The brewing tradition continues on this historic site.

Sambrook’s – Pomelo – 5.2% (Draft) – £3.60 1/2 pint

Brewgels (2 / 178)

A second visit to the recently added Guide entry, and the news picked up on this visit is that they have acquired a second unit in the market. This one will highlight their desserts business, but it will also give them space to increase the beer range.

Brasserie Lefebvre – Blanche de Bruxelles – 4.5% (Draft) – £3.95 1/2 pint

Ghost Whale (Brixton) (3 / 178)

One of the rules I try to follow in life is that if I am in either Putney or Brixton then I have to visit Ghost Whale. As rules go it is a pretty easy one to follow, especially when Untappd that there was a beer from a new, to me, American brewery. Always a pleasure to visit these bars and chat with the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Brewski – Triple Berry Pie – 4.0% (Draft) – £3.40 1/3 pint
Fonta Flora Brewery – Old Blush – 7.2% (Draft) – £4.15 1/3 pint

Supercute Brewery Tap (4 / 178)

The reason for the quick return to the Brixton area was the tip off I had received about the change of ownership of Friendship Adventure. I was able to have a really good chat with the owner about the brewery and future plans. They have bought the brewery and the bar in Brixton, and have retained the services of the Friendship Adventure head brewer.

Supercute are a long standing cocktail bar in Brixton and saw the opportunity to buy the brewery to increase their offering. There are strong ties between Brixton and Harlem in New York, to the extent that the owner of Harlem Brewery is helping Supercute and the agreement is to brew a Harlem beer at Loughborough Junction. The bar in Brixton has both Supercute and Harlem Brewery branding.

My inner sceptic is always dubious of new breweries with grand plans, but in this case they appear to be well thought through and it will be interesting to return in a few months to see what progress there is.

Supercute – LaLa Lager – 4.5% (Draft) – £3.50 1/2 pint
Supercute – Kissy Kissy – 4.7% (Draft)

Clarkshaws Brewery & Taproom (5 / 178)

I popped around the corner for a quick revisit of Clarkshaws where I was met with the usual friendly welcome and the chance to try an amber beer of theirs that I hadn’t had before. It slipped down nicely as we had a good chat about all things beer.

Clarkshaws – American Amber – 4.1% (Draft) – £2.90 1/2 pint

Beer Merchants Tap (6 / 178)

I made the trek to Hackney Wick ready for my gig at the London Stadium and took the opportunity to take a quick look at the state of Old Street before heading off to meet up with Mrs MusingAnorak. With an event at the stadium, and the fine weather, Beer Merchants was very busy, but with so much space available it wasn’t crowded, and the staff were efficiency personified. Now that I was within walking distance, and no longer at risk of being delayed, I was able to relax and grab myself 4 beers from their excellent selection.

Pastore Brewing & Blending – Spritz – 2.5% (Draft) – £2.65 1/3 pint
Auerbräu Rosenheim (Paulaner) – Rosenheimer Helles – 4.9% (Draft) – £2.20 1/3 pint
Gueuzerie Tilquin – Tilquin / Rulles Sureau Rullquin – 7.3% (Draft) – £5.70 1/3 pint
Other Half Brewing – Double Citra Daydream – 8.5% (Draft) – £7.30 1/3 pint