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11 November 2021

Some Minor Housekeeping

I have amended my London Beer Guide posts such that if you now click on any photograph you will be taken to the relevant entry on the Beer Guide London website. Secondly, I have made the decision, mostly because I am a fool, that as well as visiting/revisiting all Guide entries I will also attempt to sample beers from as many of the c140 London […]

21 October 2021

Right. Where Was I…?

This was always scheduled to be the next beer that I drank at home. I wasn’t quite anticipating the gap between this and the previous one! It’s a good beer, not amazing, but a good solid part of the Westmalle range, with the added bonus that the lower ABV means it is a great way of easing myself back in! Another bonus came in the […]

21 October 2021


So I’ve done what they ask. I have gone six months without any alcohol. At all. Physically I feel no different but mentally is a different story, as I talked about last month. I don’t crave alcohol, I’ve always been able to take it or leave it. What I crave is the ability to choose whether to take it or leave it. Following sight of […]

6 September 2021

Not In A Good Place Right Now…

So today was my latest outpatients appointment to discuss the findings of my liver biopsy. And the upshot is that they still have no idea what is going on. Apparently the biopsy didn’t show what they expected based on the other tests. So it is going to be discussed in a Regional MDT meeting, and I have to wait. Wait for another two to three […]

19 June 2021

We need to talk about the Elephant, and Bear, in the room.

Anybody that has met me whilst I am out and about will know that I am usually accompanied by my two travelling companions. Humphrey, the elephant, and Hugo, the bear. Yes, I know I am 53! It is thanks to them that I discovered the world of small cuddly creatures on Twitter, leading on to the fact that an awful lot of them love beer […]

15 June 2021

It’s all a matter of timing…

I think I can say, without contradiction, that it has been an ‘interesting’ 18 months for everybody, everywhere. As things stand the light at the end of the tunnel is still flickering, but gradually getting brighter. As the dates loomed for the gradual re-opening of hospitality, and in particular pubs and bars, grew closer the anticipation started to build. After all there was an ever […]

13 June 2021


OK, so this is a bit of a cheat but I’ll start all of this by repeating my first ever Blog post. It serves as an introduction to those of you that don’t know me. My apologies to those of you that may have read it before. ~ / ~ “Why? Such a small word, such a big question. Why start a blog? I guess […]