2 January 2023

Elephants At The Elephant

By admin

By chance I discovered that another small art trail was in situ in London, 10 decorated Elmers situated in Elephant Park which is in Elephant & Castle. Keeping up? The trail, inevitably, was called Elmer At The Elephant. I still had a number of Guide entries to revisit in the area, see next post, so it made sense to take advantage of the Bank Holiday to pay a visit.

The only map available for the trail online wasn’t particularly detailed, and it became apparent upon arrival that most of the area was one big building site. Although there were only ten sculptures to find in a relatively compact area it turned out to be one of the most frustrating trails I have done. A lot of what looked like thoroughfares turned out to be dead ends as construction work had bisected them. It ended up taking longer than expected but thankfully they were all found before the bars opened!