Category: Holidays

29 May 2023

There’s No Place Like Gnome

For the past couple of years the Hospital where I am employed has been working towards the implementation of a new Patient Administration System, just about the largest IT project a Trust can undertake. As an employee within the IT Department this obviously meant a lot of work and stress, and an understanding that the possibility of taking time off around Go-Live was out of […]

30 May 2022

Czeching It Out.

As February half term approached more and more countries were relaxing their COVID releated entry rules making travel easier. Unfortunately we had tickets for the Eurostar to Brussels and Belgium was one of the countries that was still insisting on a period of quarantine upon entry, and that effectively meant that the majority of our trip would be spent within our hotel room. Luckily Eurostar […]

31 January 2022

Where’s The Chicken? II

So I didn’t get much sleep, my leg really hurt and I wasn’t able to get comfortable at all. I guess there is a lesson to be learned here, but I doubt I’ll learn it. Anyway, the first task for today was to locate a craft supplies shop in order to procure a gift for Mrs MusingAnorak so I spent a bit of time on […]

25 January 2022

Where’s The Chicken?

So a lifetime ago (last September) I started looking at a possible city break destination. Initial thoughts centred around Poland but then I read somewhere that UK nationals didn’t require a visa to visit Ukraine until the end of January 2022 and that immediately made Kyiv the destination of choice. Flights and hotel were booked. But. It was still a wait of four months. And […]

4 November 2021

Rocking At The Southern Edge Of Europe

International travel is back, not quite as we remember it, but it is back. With the relaxing of the rules we decided to take a short break during half-term to test the waters. In order to enter Gibraltar you need to have booked a lateral flow test to be taken on arrival. In order to book this you need to have completed your passenger locator […]

17 August 2021

Mad As A Hatter

After a couple of days at home recovering I made the short trip up the M1 to Luton and their Big Trunk Trail, my last Trail of the holiday. 30 Elephants sited across the town and in parks to the north and south. To minimise walking I decided to park up at the southerly parks and get the Elephants there before heading in to town, […]

16 August 2021

Haring Along The Coast

It’s quite a long drag south through East Anglia from Norwich to the Essex coast but that is the journey we made to take in the next Trail, Hares About Town in Southend. This was another new Trail town for me, and the objective was to see the thirty hares that ran along the coast and up through the town. I figured that parking out […]

16 August 2021

“Jurassic Park!”

If you read that title to yourself in an Alan Partridge voice then you are well on your way to knowing that my next destination was Norwich, and it’s GoGoDiscover trail, the third to be held in the city and this time featuring 21 T Rexes. This is part one of a trail that is destined to continue next year, and is being held at […]

12 August 2021

Mooving On

After a day at home it was time to start on the next series of trails. First stop was Cambridge for Cows About Cambridge. Officially 41 Cows together with the usual mini statues, but there are 3 more full size Cows that have been decorated as part of community projects so I decided to include these and look for 44. Cambridge city centre is quite […]

11 August 2021

You’ve Got Some Sauce…

A leisurely drive south west brings me to another city where I have never done a trail, although they have held one previously, Worcester and Worcester’s Big Parade, 31 Elephants around the city. I say 31 as that is what is listed on the website and app, but it turned out to be 30 Elephant sculptures and 1 art installation highlighting mental health issues, or […]