17 August 2021

Mad As A Hatter

By admin

After a couple of days at home recovering I made the short trip up the M1 to Luton and their Big Trunk Trail, my last Trail of the holiday. 30 Elephants sited across the town and in parks to the north and south.

To minimise walking I decided to park up at the southerly parks and get the Elephants there before heading in to town, and then drive to the northerly park. This turned out to be a good decision as although they weren’t miles out of town they were all at a sufficient distance to have involved some significant walking.

I’m not sure what I can say about Luton town centre. I’ll just say that it makes Southend look positively salubrious. But, despite my prior misgivings I was again pleasantly surprised to find all 30 Elephants were where they should be. I’ll leave it at that. The parks were pleasant, but I won’t be rushing back. Sorry Luton.