11 August 2021

You’ve Got Some Sauce…

By admin

A leisurely drive south west brings me to another city where I have never done a trail, although they have held one previously, Worcester and Worcester’s Big Parade, 31 Elephants around the city. I say 31 as that is what is listed on the website and app, but it turned out to be 30 Elephant sculptures and 1 art installation highlighting mental health issues, or “The Elephant In The Room.”

Worcester itself is a nice compact city, but I had been tipped off by a couple I met doing the Rockets in Leicester that it was quite a walk along the river to the furthest one. Armed with this information I figured that it made sense to head to this one first whilst the weather was good and my legs were still in, relative, working order. It was quite a walk but it was very pleasant along the river. And flat. On the return leg along the opposite bank there were more Elephants before getting back to do a loop around the city centre.

This one proved to be a straightforward trail, all of the sculptures were where they should be and it was less than 10km to see them all. There was only the usual problem of trails in crowded city centres which is that of having to hang around trying to get a picture with as few people in as possible, and more importantly trying to persuade parents that I really don’t want their child in my picture! One look at me should have had them ushering little Johnny to safety!