12 August 2021

Mooving On

By admin

After a day at home it was time to start on the next series of trails. First stop was Cambridge for Cows About Cambridge. Officially 41 Cows together with the usual mini statues, but there are 3 more full size Cows that have been decorated as part of community projects so I decided to include these and look for 44.

Cambridge city centre is quite compact, but the station is quite a way out and the trail had several in that area and beyond. There were also a couple of outliers by the North station. Cue a cunning plan. Our hotel was adjacent to Cambridge North station meaning I could pick those two off and get the train to the main station and be ready to start the main trail at the furthest point. Genius!

Everything looked good until I spotted that there was a Cow inside the Natural History Museum. It opens Thursday to Saturday. It was Sunday. Ah well, I’ll either have to finish at least one Cow short or find a way to comeback at a later date. I set off and everything was going OK, no Cows missing so far. As I walked up the road to my next one I figured I had nothing to lose by popping down the alley to the Museum to see if it was at least visible from the outside. This turned out to be a very good decision as the opening hours had just been extended and it was open!

After this happy bonus I had an extra spring my step and the rest of the trail proved straightforward. All of the statues were in situ, although one had a plastic bag taped over it’s head which may have been indicative of damage. I also went in to a very posh hotel and asked if they had a Cow and was very politely given directions to location just outside the hotel next to a public path…