16 August 2021

“Jurassic Park!”

By admin

If you read that title to yourself in an Alan Partridge voice then you are well on your way to knowing that my next destination was Norwich, and it’s GoGoDiscover trail, the third to be held in the city and this time featuring 21 T Rexes. This is part one of a trail that is destined to continue next year, and is being held at the same time as Dippy the Diplodocus is visiting Norwich Cathedral on it’s nationwide tour.

With a smaller number of statues in a city that I know well this was never going to be an overly difficult task. Except. Except for the fact that I hadn’t factored in hundreds of dinosaur obsessed children! Progress was slowed simply for the time I had to wait each time for a child free picture. However it still proved to be the easiest trail of the holiday and left plenty of time to enjoy the fine bars of Norwich. Oh, wait, hang on…

I did make a point of visiting The Belgian Monk, the fabulous Belgian bar in the city where a couple of beers were drunk. Just not by me. I had a couple of very good milkshakes.