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20 September 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 17 – Central London

Much as I love exploring all areas of London, and enjoy using public transport to get around, there are times when it is nice just to be able wander a short distance from place to place. Obviously this includes the “Beer Miles,” but they don’t give much variety of scenery. Central London on the other hand ticks all of the boxes, plenty of bars, short, […]

16 August 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 16 – North London

Today started with a visit to The London Festival of Railway Modelling held annually at Alexandra Palace. After a very enjoyable morning looking at the various layouts and wandering around the numerous trade stalls I was well placed for a very pleasant stroll through the park and down the hill, enjoying the unseasonably warm sunshine, and in to Muswell Hill. I made way to the […]

19 June 2022

Blowing My Own Trumpet

Towards the end of last year I came across something called the Virtual Beer School, an on-line tutor led beer course that takes you through the first level of the Cicerone Beer Accreditation. It looked like the kind of thing I would really enjoy, but I wasn’t sure I could justify the expense at the time. Fast forward a few weeks and the inevitable question […]

8 June 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 14 – Central

On the 24th February what most of the world hoped wouldn’t happen happened. Russian forces rolled in to Ukraine. A couple of days later I decided to head in to London to see what, if anything, was happening at the respective Embassies and elsewhere. I made my to Notting Hill and walked to the Russian Embassy where a large, noisy, crowd had assembled to protest. […]

31 May 2022

Prague Bars

As usual with any trip I had the Untappd app to help with bar information, but for Prague I had an even better source of information. The Beer Guide Prague website and app is a sister of Beer Guide London and proved invaluable. Fred, the guy behind it and all of the other apps in the series, knows his stuff, despite living in California. At […]

30 May 2022

Czeching It Out.

As February half term approached more and more countries were relaxing their COVID releated entry rules making travel easier. Unfortunately we had tickets for the Eurostar to Brussels and Belgium was one of the countries that was still insisting on a period of quarantine upon entry, and that effectively meant that the majority of our trip would be spent within our hotel room. Luckily Eurostar […]

27 May 2022

Coming Soon…

So I’ve fallen back in to my bad old ways and got way behind in writing up my travels, partly it’s because if I have any free time then I like to get out and about, this means I have things to write about but less time to do it. The other big problem for the last few months is that we have been preparing […]

8 February 2022

Kyiv Bars

When researching the bars to visit in Kyiv I decided to stick with those that had ‘Verified Venue’ status within the Untappd app. The thinking behind this was that I would be able to see in advance what beers were available and, more importantly, be able to point at the beer I wanted on my phone screen should the language barrier prove to great. In […]

31 January 2022

Where’s The Chicken? II

So I didn’t get much sleep, my leg really hurt and I wasn’t able to get comfortable at all. I guess there is a lesson to be learned here, but I doubt I’ll learn it. Anyway, the first task for today was to locate a craft supplies shop in order to procure a gift for Mrs MusingAnorak so I spent a bit of time on […]