Month: May 2022

31 May 2022

Prague Bars

As usual with any trip I had the Untappd app to help with bar information, but for Prague I had an even better source of information. The Beer Guide Prague website and app is a sister of Beer Guide London and proved invaluable. Fred, the guy behind it and all of the other apps in the series, knows his stuff, despite living in California. At […]

30 May 2022

Czeching It Out.

As February half term approached more and more countries were relaxing their COVID releated entry rules making travel easier. Unfortunately we had tickets for the Eurostar to Brussels and Belgium was one of the countries that was still insisting on a period of quarantine upon entry, and that effectively meant that the majority of our trip would be spent within our hotel room. Luckily Eurostar […]

27 May 2022

Coming Soon…

So I’ve fallen back in to my bad old ways and got way behind in writing up my travels, partly it’s because if I have any free time then I like to get out and about, this means I have things to write about but less time to do it. The other big problem for the last few months is that we have been preparing […]

11 May 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 13 – Twickenham

So after the trip to Prague, I’ll tell you about it soon, I promise, I decided to stick to a quick local visit. I took the 490 bus from the Cargo Centre at Heathrow and jumped off in Twickenham. From the centre it is a 10 minute stroll in the direction of Strawberry Hill to the recently opened riverside brewery and taproom of Jawbone Brewing. […]