27 May 2022

Coming Soon…

By admin

So I’ve fallen back in to my bad old ways and got way behind in writing up my travels, partly it’s because if I have any free time then I like to get out and about, this means I have things to write about but less time to do it. The other big problem for the last few months is that we have been preparing for a massive new software implementation at work which has been stressful to say the least. Go Live happened a couple of weeks ago, and there are still many teething problems to work through, but it’s not quite so hectic now.

I figured that if I put the to-do list out in to the public domain I’ll sort of self shame myself in to doing something about it. It also gives you all a stick to beat me with should you feel inclined! So, hopefully, in the next few weeks I’ll start to make inroads in to the following :


Beer Guide London 14 – Random wanderings

Beer Guide London 15 – South East London

Beer Guide London 16 – North London

Beer Guide London 17 – Central London

Beer Guide London 18 – North West London

Beer Guide London 19 – East London

Beer Guide London 20 – Hackney Wick

Beer Guide London 21 – Waterloo

Beer Guide London 22 – Elephant & Castle / Borough

Beer Guide London 23 – Bermondsey

Beer Guide London 24 – Deptford & Peckham


Beer Guide London 25 – Farringdon

Hmm. Best crack on I suppose…