11 May 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 13 – Twickenham

By admin

So after the trip to Prague, I’ll tell you about it soon, I promise, I decided to stick to a quick local visit. I took the 490 bus from the Cargo Centre at Heathrow and jumped off in Twickenham. From the centre it is a 10 minute stroll in the direction of Strawberry Hill to the recently opened riverside brewery and taproom of Jawbone Brewing. I’d visited once before, during one of the lockdown easings, before it was properly open, and well before it had achieved an entry in the Guide, so this was effectively my first “official” visit. Housed in a large unit on a small industrial estate you pass through the brewery to get to the comfortable drinking area at the rear with it’s ingenious “floating” bar.

They have up to seven of their beers available on tap, and very good they are too. If you are lucky, like I have been on both of my visits, you’ll get a chance to have a chat with owner Ben, truly one of the nice guys of the local brewing scene. Hats off to him especially for managing to get all of this started during the pandemic!