19 May 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 18/05/2024

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Saint Monday Taproom (1 / 115)

Pub group Graceland have taken over the former London Fields Brewery and are now brewing beers for their own bars. The taproom is open again and offers a full range of their own beers alongside the usual excellent guest beers you expect. It is the usual taproom in a railway arch but it instantly has the Graceland “feel” to it. An excellent addition to their stable.

Saint Monday – Rustic Lager – 4.3% (Draft)
Saint Monday – Dry Hopped Saison – 4.6% (Draft)

Five Points Brewery Tap (2 / 116)

This excellent brewery now has a taproom worthy of it. There is a cosy area adjacent to the brewing kit serving half a dozen beers from the tank plus a couple on handpump. In addition there is an extensive seating area in the courtyard which also houses the street food vendors.

Five Points – Dark Mild – 3.8% (Cask) – £1.70 1/3 pint
Five Points – Just Peachee – 4.5% (Draft) – £2.15 1/3 pint

Dove Freehouse (3 / 117)

Located in Broadway Market this pub has been serving a great range of Belgian beers for more than 30 years. 16 beers on tap plus a handpump alongside a very large packaged list. The draft range now is a mixture of Belgian, London and others with some Belgian classics on offer. Extensive seating in this labyrinthine building, but it can still get busy. Food is available.

Huyghe – Campus Premium – 5.0% (Draft) – £2.95 1/2 pint

Mother Kelly’s E2 (4 / 118)

The original, and still the best, Mother Kelly’s. 22 taps of excellent beers alongside 6 packed double fridges. In a railway arch with plenty of seating inside plus a terrace at the front with nearly as much again. They do quality cheese and meat boards to assist with soakage as you enjoy the range of beers available.

Orbit – Cola Sour #WLS088 – 4.1% (Draft) – £2.90 1/3 pint

Three Colts Tavern (5 / 119)

Formerly in the Guide as the Fugitive Motel this place was closed for a while. It has now been resurrected by Exale Brewing who have done an excellent job. It feels more like a bar now, although pizza is still available. 13 taps and one handpull of Exale beers showcasing their range. On visit the collaboration beer brewed at Galway Bay was exceptional. Good to see this place back.

Galway Bay – Kimigayo – 4.5% (Draft) – £3.50 1/2 pint

Bethnal Green Tavern (6 / 120)

Large corner pub on the main drag in Bethnal Green now under the ownership of the excellent Graceland group. Beer range is of the high quality you would expect, now bolstered by the in house Saint Monday beers. 14 taps and three handpumps offer the usual great selection with all beers available in thirds. There is a small garden to the rear. Food is offered.

Saint Monday – American Pale Ale – 4.9% (Draft) – £2.20 1/3 pint

Kings Arms E2 (7 / 121)

Another member of the Graceland family, this back street pub tucked away from the main bustle always offers an excellent selection of beers. c13 taps plus up to 5 on cask cater for all tastes. Food is limited to bar snacks with cheese and charcuterie boards and scotch eggs available. Slightly off the beaten track but definitely worth seeking out.

Jester King – Acerose Efflorescence – 5.8% (Draft) – £5.00 1/3 pint

Kill The Cat (Brick Lane) (8 / 122)

The original Kill The Cat location in the heart of Brick Lane. Just 3 taps of quality beer here plus a 100+ packaged beers. Cosy venue with some street seating. A great place to visit and good to see them expanding in to additional locations.

Uncommon Path – Grilled Cheese 86 Bread – 8.1% (Draft) – £7.80 1/3 pint

White Horse (9 / 123)

I don’t know what to say. I really don’t. This used to be one of the best beer pubs in London. Now. Well, now it has a very boring range of standard beers that can be found everywhere. The cask ale I had was tired, not the stunning condition of days of old. Times change. Places move on. This hasn’t. And that hurts.

Three Acre – Best Bitter – 4.0% (Cask) – £3.30 1/2 pint

Bricklayers Arms (10 / 124)

Recently refurbished this pub in a cul de sac close to the river is unique in London in that, despite being a freehouse, it has close ties to Timothy Taylor. It is the place to go if you want to find something other than Landlord, and in excellent condition. There is now a greater range across its ten handpumps, but all from great breweries and in all in perfect condition. This is just a great back street boozer, popular with locals, that happens to have a beer range that steps it up a level.

Timothy Taylor – Landlord – 4.3% (Cask) – £3.05 1/2 pint

Richmond Vault (11 / 125)

Town centre bar that has had many incarnations over the years. It used to offer a really good range of beers, both draft and packaged, but on this latest visit the beer range was pedestrian and the fridges seemed empty. Based on this it will be removed from the Guide.

Menabrea – La 150° Bionda – 4.8% (Draft) – £4.00 1/2 pint