7 April 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 06/04/2024

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London Beer Lab Tap Room (1 / 42)

Tiny arch taproom and original home of London Beer Lab brewery. Beers are still brewed here on the smaller kit and labelled on the board as Nano, with longer run beers brewed on their larger kit in Loughborough Junction. Up to 30 beers on tap and several well stocked fridges. They always brew a wide range of styles meaning there is something for all tastes.

London Beer Lab (Brixton) – What’s The Catch – 5.0% (Draft) – £2.48 1/3 pint

Craft Beer Co (Brixton) (2 / 43)

The second London Craft Beer Co venue, handily sited around the corner from the station in the market. The usual excellent choice of beers that you expect from this group 20 taps and 10 hand pumps give plenty of choice. As well as the internal seating across several levels there is external seating when the weather merits it!

Indie Rabble – Mantle – 4.5% (Draft) – £3.30 1/3 pint

Brewgels (3 / x)

Situated in Brixton Village Market this is a bagel place that also happens to have an excellent beer list. No problem with just sitting and enjoying a beer, the owner is passionate. 3 on tap and a very strong list of 40+ packaged beers with Trappist Ales well represented and most of the other major Belgian specials covered to. Prices are very reasonable. Recommended to add to your itinerary when in the area.

Orval – Orval – 6.2% (Bottle) – £7.75

Kraft Brixton (4 / 44)

The fourth location for this brewery and the first not to brew on site. Instead it is a showcase for beers produced at their other sites. Good location in Brixton Village Market with 4 of their beers available on tap.

German Kraft – Maike – 5.0% (Draft) – £3.20 1/2 pint

Ghost Whale SW9 (5 / 45)

One of the two Ghost Whale venues in London and a must visit. 6 fantastic beers on tap and a multitude of fridges offering quality beers from everywhere. Knowledgeable staff are happy to offer guidance should you need it. Tucked away to the south of the main bustle this is a beery haven of tranquility.

Alchemik – Cake Factor (Strawberry & Banana Cheesecake) – 7.0% (Draft) – £3.80 1/3 pint

Brixton Brewery Tap (6 / 46)

Original home of Brixton Brewery and their smaller kit is still in use in the arch next door for experimental brews. All regular beers are now brewed on their larger kit a short distance away. Typical railway arch taproom but done well. They are happy to tell you which brewery was used for each beer, should you be anal enough like me to record such information!

Brixton (Brixton) – Raita Passage – 4.5% (Draft) – £3.05 1/2 pint

Friendship Adventure Brewery Tap (7 / 47)

Brewery and tap room underneath the railway lines at Loughborough Junction. The brewing kit is visible amongst the seating with the bar sited opposite. A dozen taps with a good mixture of their own beers and guests. Complimentary popcorn served with all beers helps with soakage!

Friendship Adventure – Strawberry Friends Forever – 4.0% (Draft) – £3.60 1/2 pint

Craft Metropolis (Loughborough Junction) (8 / 48)

The second branch of this bottle shop / bar in a railway arch. Much more space than their original venue allowing them to put on events alongside the excellent beer offering. 10 on tap and a large packaged selection. Limited seating in the downstairs bar area but there is a mezzanine with a lot more tables and a big screen. Tucked away but worth seeking out. Pizzas are available.

Clarkshaws Brewery & Taproom (9 / x)

One of London’s smaller breweries, with an equally small “tap room” which is basically a couple of tables in the arch plus a couple more on the street outside. Cosy, quirky & recommended. Usually 3 quality beers on tap.

Clarkshaws – Hellhound IPA – 5.5% (Draft) – £2.90 1/2 pint

Bird House Brewery & Tap Room (10 / x)

Having taken over the old Canopy Brewery space they have done a good job of transforming it. Shiny brew kit in place producing three beers for here plus the other bars they own. My visit was only the second weekend of opening and it was heaving which means they are already meeting locals needs. It will be interesting to see how they grow.

Bird House – House Lager – 4.1% (Draft) – £3.00 1/2 pint

Bullfinch Brewery & Tap (11 / 49)

Bustling tap room in a railway arch. They have throttled back on brewing in order to meet current market conditions, but they are still brewing. And well. The saison I sampled was very good. Popular with locals and pizza is available to order in.

Bullfinch – Mandarina – 5.8% (Draft) – £3.40 1/2 pint