Month: March 2024

30 March 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 30/03/2024

Rake (1 / 30) Very small venue on the edge of Borough Market with an outside seating area that is larger than the interior! Run by the same people that run the Utobeer stall on the market this is a consistently good venue with a, usually, very interesting beer list. On my latest visit the 15 taps had a number of American breweries on them. […]

29 March 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 29/03/2024

Star Tavern (1 / 22) This is a classic London mews pub tucked away in a quiet residential street surrounded by Embassies. This Fuller’s pub doesn’t have the greatest range, but what it does serve is in fantastic condition. Sometimes less is more. This is a great place to just sit, soak in the history and enjoy some perfectly served cask ales. Fuller’s – London […]

24 March 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 23/03/2024

Clapton Craft (St John’s Hill) (1 / 13) Compact bottle shop opposite Clapham Junction station. They pack a lot in to a small space with at least 4 beers on tap and a vast selection of both packaged beers and wines. Limited seating inside and a couple of benches on the street. Braybrooke x Clapton Craft – Clapton Helles 4.5% (Draft) waterintobeer (2 / 14) […]

22 March 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 22/03/2024

Welcome to what I hope will be the new style of post when covering my Beer Guide London visits. I am planning on writing as much as possible of each post whilst I am actually sat in the bars, although this may drop off as the day goes on… If I can achieve this, and more importantly, maintain it, then it will be a much […]

19 March 2024

Blog ‘Reset’

Given last week’s announcement that I am to take over looking after Beer Guide London I have decided that this is a good time to make a few tweaks to this blog. As has been apparent for some time I am quite behind in my postings! Given that I am about to begin the process of revisiting every entry again in my new role it […]

13 March 2024

Joint Statement regarding Beer Guide London

The following statement also appears in the News section of The future of Beer Guide London – a note from Jezza: We launched Beer Guide London in its current format 10 years ago, in January 2014. It started many years before then as a Word document on which I noted good places to drink beer in London. I used to send it to anyone who asked me for tips […]