19 March 2024

Blog ‘Reset’

By admin

Given last week’s announcement that I am to take over looking after Beer Guide London I have decided that this is a good time to make a few tweaks to this blog. As has been apparent for some time I am quite behind in my postings! Given that I am about to begin the process of revisiting every entry again in my new role it is pointless trying to catch up and post historical visits.

The plan, going forward, is to try and remain much more disciplined and write up each visit in a much more timely manner. Ideally I am hoping to put something on to the blog whilst I am in situ. If I can achieve this then it will mean that you are getting the information “hot off the press” and not many months down the line. Well, that’s the plan. All that remains is to see what happens when it meets reality face on…

I still have a number of foreign trips that I will write up as and when I get the chance. Some of these are quite old but I will do my best to double check bar information for each city so that it will remain a useful resource for anyone that can make use of it.