24 March 2024

Beer Guide London Visits – 23/03/2024

By admin

Clapton Craft (St John’s Hill) (1 / 13)

Compact bottle shop opposite Clapham Junction station. They pack a lot in to a small space with at least 4 beers on tap and a vast selection of both packaged beers and wines. Limited seating inside and a couple of benches on the street.

Braybrooke x Clapton Craft – Clapton Helles 4.5% (Draft)

waterintobeer (2 / 14)

Fantastically quirky bottle shop and home brew suppliers. It’s like drinking in a junk shop in the nicest possible way. Two draft beers available and wide choice of packaged beers. There is also everything that you could possibly need to start your home brewing adventure.

Wiper & True – Lemondrop Hill – 4.0% (Draft)

Brockley Brewery (Brockley Tap) (3 / 15)

Original home of Brockley Brewery before they acquired their second, larger, site in Hither Green. Brewing still takes place here although it is limited to cask beers as they don’t have the carbonation facilities, keg beers are brewed at Hither Green. 4 beers on cask and 8 keg taps. Flights are available.

Brockley – Garage Porter – 4.3% (Draft)

Joyce (4 / 16)

Corner bar converted from a shop. Very stylishly done and with plenty of seating. 14 taps serving a range of interesting beers from all over the country. It was started by Salthouse Bottles, a wine shop near the station, which means that the wine selection here is better than most.

Woodshedding – Luncheon – 3.0% (Draft)

London Beer Dispensary (5 / 17)

Smart bar owned by Southey Brewery. 4 handpumps and 9 taps dispense a mix of Southey beers and quality guests. There is also a small selection of packaged beers. Wood panelled seating area to the front with the seating continuing to the rear and small garden.

Southey – Field Of Gold – 6.0% (Draft)

Ivy House (6 / 18)

London’s first co-operatively owned pub and it is very definitely a hub in the local community. Busy with people of all ages enjoying this multi-room, deceptively large, space. 4 handpumps and a dozen taps covering breweries from the whole country. There is a kitchen that serves wonderful smelling pizzas.

Bexley – Arnsberg – 4.8% (Draft)

Hop Burns & Black (Peckham) (7 / 19)

The original branch of this two bar group. Two beers available on tap supplemented by a fantastic packaged selection. They also do hot sauces and coffee, as referenced in the name. Small place with limited seating, but there is a larger space outside.

Floc. – Warm Shade – 4.0% (Draft)

Brick Brewery (8 / 20)

Tap room and original location of the brewery. Kit has long gone elsewhere in London, and given recent changes may even leave London altogether. A fairly typical railway arch taproom with 20 beers on tap. Mostly their own but now including guests from breweries that now fall under the same ownership.

Brick – Gooseberry & Tayberry Sour – 3.4% (Draft)

EKO Brewery & Taproom (9 / x)

Smart taproom in the centre of Peckham. All hops come from South Africa and they use palm sugar. Definitely an interesting concept that is worth keeping an eye on. Beers currently brewed elsewhere whilst they crowdfund their own kit. Split level seating in the unit with lots of additional seating outside.

Hambleton – [EKO] Gold – 4.9% (Draft)

Beer Rebellion Peckham (10 / 21)

This is a basic one room bar close to Queens Road Peckham station. Formerly run by Late Knights the beer range dropped in subsequent years. Previous visit placed it in the borderline category but I am happy to report that on this visit the range, whilst not stunning, is sufficiently interesting for it to retain its place. Note though that while it still has three handpumps none were in use.

Abyss – Rave 7.0 Strawberry & Rhubarb – 5.0% (Draft)