Month: December 2022

29 December 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 20 – Hackney Wick

Both Hackney and Hackney Wick have long been great beer destinations, the home of several breweries who went in search of a new, cheaper, part of London to set up once Bermondsey started to fill up. The area around Hackney Wick station in particular offers a good little crawl with virtually no walking required. And the fact I can get the train direct from Richmond […]

3 December 2022

Beer Guide London Visits 19 – East London

London is big, really big, as I’m sure you are all aware. As a consequence some parts can be a real pain to get to, but everywhere has to be visited and so bullets have to be bitten and tortuous journeys endured. Today my main focus was the Leytonstone area as there were a number of possible new entries to check out as well as […]