19 June 2021

We need to talk about the Elephant, and Bear, in the room.

By admin

Anybody that has met me whilst I am out and about will know that I am usually accompanied by my two travelling companions. Humphrey, the elephant, and Hugo, the bear. Yes, I know I am 53!

It is thanks to them that I discovered the world of small cuddly creatures on Twitter, leading on to the fact that an awful lot of them love beer and, ultimately, to being introduced to the London Beer Guide and Jezza. Yep. It’s their fault.

Once you get to a certain age you tend to worry less about what people think about you, and so it is that H&H make appearances in all of the bars that I visit. They break the ice, they are a talking point. They even have their own Twitter account which is often more popular than mine. And I’ve lost count how many brewers they have met, and been photographed with!

If, in the future, you think you may have spotted me in a bar somewhere keep an eye out for the ‘boys’ and you will know for sure!