6 December 2021

Beer Tour And The Snowman

By admin

First things first, give yourself a pat on the back if you got the musical reference in the title – you’re my kind of person!

As will be explained elsewhere my chosen destination last Saturday was Bromley and it was while checking out the logistics for the trip I discovered that there was a Wild In Art sculpture trail around the town, Walking With The Snowman. A dozen snowmen each one representing one of the twelve days of Christmas.

I figured that as the pubs I wanted to visit opened from 12:00 I would aim to get in to town at around 11:00 and hope that I had enough time to find them all. I needn’t have worried, Bromley is a compact town centre and I had seen them all in 40 minutes meaning I had to kill time drinking coffee in café a couple of doors down from my first bar!