24 July 2021

A Holiday? Really?

By admin

Yes. Well maybe.

As listed elsewhere on the site there are a number of Public Art Trails around the UK this summer, and given the complete lack of a holiday for over a year, not sure why, I figured that this was a good enough reason to make plans.

I have decided to concentrate on 10 of the trails in England and so planning has begun. Hotels have been booked, fully refundable. Trail maps have been printed out. Apps have been downloaded. A spreadsheet has been started, essential!

As luck would have it more than half of the cities to be visited are amongst the best drinking cities in the country. Unfortunately I am still on a medically ordered period of abstinence. D’Oh!

Obviously, given that we live in “interesting times” there are some doubts as to whether the trip is a good idea or not. My rationale is that 95% of the art installations are in outdoor locations which means that distancing etc is less of an issue. All of the hotels can be cancelled, so if the situation changes drastically it can all just be abandoned. But the overriding thought is that we have to start to try and get back to “normal” at some point and as non-medical NHS staff I really, really need a break!

The cities to be visited are Lincoln, Sheffield, Derby, Leicester, Worcester, Luton, Cambridge, Norwich, Southend and Maidstone. I KNOW, how many amazing pubs am I going to have to walk past?! More about the trails can be found on my page here.