Brewery Market, Twickenham

Everybody has to have a ‘local.’ The bar they go to most frequently, where they feel at home. I’m spoiled living where I do to have a large number of amazing bars within easy reach, but Brewery Market is my local, the place I visit more than any other. It’s not as local as being able to walk down the street and through the door, but it’s only a walk and a bus ride away. More importantly there is nowhere nearer that comes anywhere near as good! And, anyway, who doesn’t like missing their stop on the last bus home and having to hope you can get home from Heathrow Terminal 5…

For years the area around south west London, particularly the Richmond and Twickenham area, was a bit of a decent beer desert. There were some good real ale pubs, and there still are, but there was nothing that really embraced the emerging craft beer scene. That has, thankfully, changed and I am now spoilt for choice which is never a bad thing, but it was here on the 25th November 2018 that I found my drinking ‘home.’

Up to 12 beers on tap and, now, 9 fridges of top quality beers are available in a cosy, comfortable space. The staff and both incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable about what they stock. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal the regular events are returning – beer tastings, meet the brewers, quizzes, bottle shares, but even when they were unable to open they ran a series of Zoom events that meant some fun beer tastings from the comfort of your own sofa.

I’m writing this on my second day back drinking after my six months enforced abstinence and it was entirely logical to me that already I have made a visit to pick up on some of the new beers that I thought I’d missed out on. Six months absence but stepping through the door and greeting owner Linda it was like I had never been away. That’s what a local should be like!

Brewery Market, 48-49 Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NR